Rocky Pahwa Healing Health Care 3 Phoenix Arizona

I own 7 radiology clinics and have a vast network within the medical community I even owned one of the first safe access dispensing colectives in Arizona, Elements and so when I first decided to enter into the Medical Green Plant industry I had several choices on who would cultivate for me. I did my research and from the moment I met with the VonDank group I could tell they were different. While other cultivation groups and growers would always try and sell me on how great their Green Plant was and how great they could grow the VonDank group simply showed me their proven track record with various methods and how they approached green plant from a manufacturing perspective. They guided me through the process and educated me on the industry. I saw that everything they told me was fully backed up, both with previous builds and with management experience of several large scale cultivation sites. They have truly done it all before. I was impressed to say the least finally I had found a group that understood the whole MMJ cultivation business. They worked diligently through every step to find, design, and finally manage the build and cultivation site. Throughout my experience in the medical field and in all other businesses I have participated in I have never met a consulting group that was so available and attentive to all of my needs. Wherever and whatever problems rose they had usually addressed and fixed them before I even knew about the issue. I have never met a group or individual that knows more or even comes close to the knowledge the VonDAnk group has about the entire Green Plant cultivation process. Their manufacturing approach to medical Green Plant will be invaluable in securing Heal Health Care’s place within the industry for years to come.